Gear Pumps


Parker PGP 500 Series 

High efficiency & low noise. alloy.
3 frame sizes, from 0.8 to 70 cc/rev. Up to 275 bar continuous 


Commercial PGP300 Series

PGP315/330/350/365 Series
3-piece cast iron, Low friction bushing
Single, multiple, piggyback & thru-drive


Commercial PGP31/51/76

Cast Iron pumps, displacements 24 to 205 cc. Single or multiple pumps, for high-torque applications


Barnes Hi/Low Pumps

For high-speed positioning & high working pressure. Heavy-duty;
Great for Log spilters or presses 


Caproni Group 1 Pump

Alloy gear pumps, 1 to 9.8cc per rev. Up to 250 bar and 3500rpm
Euro mount, flange or BSP ports


Caproni Group 2 Pump

Alloy gear pump, 4.5 to 36cc per rev
Up to 250 bar & 3500 rpm
Euro, SAE or German mounts 


Caproni Group 3 Pump

Alloy gear pump, 20 to 60cc per rev
Up to 250 bar & 3000 rpm
Euro, SAE or German mounts 


Vane Pumps


Parker Dennison T6-T7 Single

High performance vane pump 
High pressure & speed capabilities, extremely low noise


Parker Dennison T6-T7 Double

Highest performance pump of its kind
High pressure & speed capabilities, extremely low noise


Parker Dennison T6-T7 Triple

The balanced design and double lip vane technology are key features in providing a contamination resistant and reliable pump.


Parker SDV Med Pressure 

Low to mid pressure applications up to 2250psi. Single or double pump
Compact design and low noise


Fixed Displacement Piston Pumps


VOAC F11 Small Frame Bent Axis

The F11 is a well proven bent axis, fixed displacement heavy duty pump.
High output flows & compact.


VOAC F12 Large Frame Bent Axis

The F12 can be used in numerous applications where high efficiency, high drive speeds, high pressure are desired.


VOAC F1 Bent AxisTruck Pump

F1 pumps are widely used on truck applications operating to 350 bar. Lightweight, efficient pumps.


VOAC T1 Bent AxisTruck Pump

Truck piston pump, 350 bar. 50 to 121cc. For light duty applications with short, non-frequently operating cycles such as tippers


Variable Displacement Piston Pumps


Parker P1 Piston Pump

Variable displacement, axial piston pump for open circuit application
Medium pressure, up to 280 bar.


Parker P2/P3 Piston Pump

New pump for mobile applications, very compact design, low noise level and low pressure ripple.
320 bar, 60 to 145cc 


Parker PVP Med Duty Pump

Great for medium duty applications with operating pressures up to 250 bar. Optional Inlet/Outlet locations for ease of installation


Parker PAVC Pump

PAVC pumps operate up to 3000 psi (210 bar). Compact pumps with convenient cartridge style controls.
From 33cc to 100cc 


Parker PV Plus 

Heavy-duty piston pumps for demanding industrial applications. 16 to 360cc/rev; pressures up to 350 bar.


Parker Denison Gold Cup Pumps

Heavy duty range of pumps for open or closed circuits.
Gold Cup pumps are typically used in closed-circuit design 

Gerotor Pumps - Hand Pumps


Parker / Gresen PGG Gerotor Pumps

Rugged high speed low torque Gerotor Pumps, 3.6 to 11.4cc


Badestnost Hand Pumps

Single or double acting pumps
12 to 45 cc, up to 320 bar 
With or without tanks